The source of all blessing from all eternity is God the Father, through the Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
This is the introduction to the sermon series on Paul's letter to the Ephesian church.

Prayer First

January 28, 2018
Prayer - our first priority for spiritual growth and progress.
Many of today's TV personalities and self-help gurus have lists and formulas to achieve success and personal self-satisfaction. The Bible gives us a different perspective.
When you look around and wonder why it seems like God's people don't enjoy "the good life," it's time to re-boot your perspective and take another look.
A look at Acts 17, where Paul is in Athens, reveals some very relevant principles for sharing Jesus in our own pluralistic culture.

Why God Became Man

December 24, 2017

Living for the glory of God alone is not so easy - until we stop looking at ourselves and start focusing on our glorious God who is full of mercy…
Part 6 in a 7-part Reformation series.
The fifth sermon in the Reformation series.