Our children and your children are blessings from God and we have been entrusted to care for these precious gifts by guiding and nurturing them as they grow. To help facilitate their Christian growth, we have different avenues for your kids to connect with each other and with their faith.

Youth Café

After Sunday morning services, adults and youth alike enjoy fellowship over drinks and snacks. Unlike the calmer atmosphere upstairs, the basement pulses with a more energetic style of fellowship during Youth Café hour, which lasts from the end of Sunday morning service until 12:15 PM. Our youth area contains a variety of activities for kids and visitors. We offer board games, drawing media and even musical outlets with our drum set, keyboard and karaoke mic. Retro video games are on occasionally and there is always someone looking to play a game of ping-pong, carpetball, foosball, air hockey or billiards. You will always be able to find adults participating in the fun who are also available to help any of our friends. If you come to visit us, you will be greeted by a community of smiles and asked to join in on at least one activity. We can’t wait to meet you!

Fun with Friends

Because Sunday café time is designed mostly for building relationships and having fun, we complement that with our Fun with Friends program, a more structured and instructive gathering with the intentional goal of introducing and exploring the fundamentals of our Christian faith. Once a month on a Saturday evening from 5:00 to 7:00 PM, elementary-aged kids serve and share a kid-friendly meal together (with healthy sides of course), participate in a lesson and then finish the night off with some gaming fellowship. Lessons are Bible-based and topics are specifically designed to be comfortable even for kids who have never been in a church-type setting and applicable their day-to-day lives. Please check our events page for our next meeting and consider dropping your kids off to join us. Hope to see you soon!

Community Outings

Maybe you’re looking for a new church home or maybe you’ve been away for a while or perhaps you’re just trying to figure this whole Christian thing out. If you are a teen or a family with kids, then you should definitely consider joining us on one of our community outings. We know not everyone is comfortable being dropped off at a church… we get it! These adventures reach out beyond our church doors with activity plans that are versatile enough for everyone to have a fun time in a safe environment. We always are inviting a few extra friends to join us, so you won’t be the only new face around. Outing events take place throughout the year so check out our events page to see when then next adventure is scheduled. Come get to know us and see what Christians are like – you might be surprised!