One defining attribute of the folks that call Gracepointe home is that we love being together – so much so, that even when we are not worshiping with each other on Sunday, we find that we like to do things together at other times as well. Our WildFolk activities grew out of this desire to do fun things with each other. Pulling from our past collective experiences, we put together several interesting activities and have made them available to the church at large. Over the years, events have come and gone, but we maintain a core set of activities that continue to be popular from year to year. Activities include indoor and outdoor rock climbing, indoor target shooting and outdoor skeet and target shooting, bicycling (both shorter, family-oriented trail rides and longer, multi-day road rides and a century ride), hiking, canoeing, or just getting together for a meal.

In the spirit of inclusiveness we make activities available to others (with certain limited restrictions) who may have no prior experience but would like to join in or try something entirely new. For certain events we provide gear and equipment for those who do not have their own. While fun is the goal, safety is the golden rule. We provide instruction and, where required, maintain strict discipline to maximize safety for everyone. We welcome visitors, it’s a great way to get to know each other.

If your interested in joining a WildFolk activity, check out our events page. For more questions or to learn more, find one of our WildFolk leaders on Sunday or contact the church office.